Saturday, 17 June 2017


The trend today is of digitization. The biggest challenge for every company is to make their unique identity in front of their consumers, prospects and their stakeholders. Digital Marketing can be used effectively to help position your company. Digital marketing has advanced a great deal over the years, although a major part of it constitutes social media especially Facebook that is not what digital marketing is limited to. It includes different - different other aspects like SEO, Email Marketing, etc. The importance of digital marketing is being understood by not just startups, but also by established companies in the market.


Tips- How Digital Marketing Help to Grow Startups

  • Content is Always King- It is the medium for conveying your brand’s message. If your content is not good or clear and messages not well-formulated, you will undoubtedly struggle to succeed. So always content should be clear and understandable. 
  • Engage With Your Followers- Social media plays a key role to succeed of your startup. So always connect with your followers, and make them feel like valuable members of your brand. Do not hide from failures, you are a startup and are bound to face some hurdles along the way.
  • Organic Growth- Expanding the people of a product or service using Social Media is more organic and better than expanding through traditional media. Once you have created your profile on any social media platform, your challenge is to target the right audience according to the product or service. Once that is done, you will grow automatically by reaching out to targeted audience. 
  • Inexpensive Consistency- If you are advertising any product or service by means of traditional methods, you would have to pay every time when you want to advertise, you cannot have consistent promotions as that would cost a lot. In digital marketing, you can go on promoting consistently on your page, channel or groups, without selling a single buck. However, if you opt for Google ad sense or PPC then you would have to pay for promotions.
  • Get Your Company Registered on Various Online Business Platforms- There are different - different business portals available on the internet where a lot off of business entities are registered. Customers visit these types of portals to search for their required products available from different companies at a single place. These types of portals also help the registered companies on their platform to connect with their audience and make the business out of it. It also plays an important role in the growth of an organization. 
  • Cost-less Engagement- When marketing digitally, you know who your engaged audience from social media sites or from any other platform but in traditional marketing, you will never know who saw the advertisement, liked it, talked about it, etc. This helps startups to retain their followers, probably by rewarding them or sharing more relevant content with them, but in traditional marketing, it is not possible.

Without Digital Marketing strategy in place, brand visibility, and impactful revenue generating opportunities will likely be damaged. Only with a digital marketing strategy can a startup with very limited budget think about to reach an audience of millions worldwide. 

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